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New Jersey Criminal Lawyers protect your Constitutional Rights. Few things in life are worse than being wrongfully accused.
Your freedom &  reputation are our top priority.
Let us defend & protect you during this tough time.

New Jersey Criminal Attorney

How To Get Your Criminal Charges Dismissed

Getting your criminal charges dismissed is possible. If you’ve been arrested, then you need to meet with our New Jersey criminal lawyers to learn how you can get your charges dismissed.

New Jersey Criminal Attorney

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Minutes!

Few things in life are worse than being accused of a crime. As New Jersey Criminal lawyers, we are sworn to uphold and protect your Constitutional Rights., If you are a first-time offender, you may be eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention.

new jersey criminal attorney

In New Jersey, felony charges are termed “Indictable Offenses”. These are the most serious charges that you can face. If you plead guilty, or are found guilty, the judge has no choice but to sentence you to prison. Sometimes a plea bargain is your best bet.

Our Mission

Our New Jersey Criminal Lawyers are here to protect you.
We are committed to defending you & providing aggressive legal representation.
You deserve a team of criminal lawyers that are determined to fight on your behalf.
If you’re facing criminal charges, you want to keep your record clean & avoid jail.
Keeping your record clean & keeping you out of jail is our mission.
When you hire us, you get a team of highly experienced New Jersey criminal lawyers.
When you’re facing felony or misdemeanor charges, our criminal attorneys provide our complete attention.
Our main objective is to get your criminal charges dismissed.
It’s not easy, but it is possible.

Dismissing Criminal Charges

Criminal charges can be dismissed. You must hire a New Jersey Criminal Lawyer soon after you are arrested. It is during the early stages of a criminal case that we can best negotiate a dismissal. When you hire our team of dedicated criminal attorneys, you get the best. We apply various legal strategies & tactics to get you the best possible result.

New Jersey Criminal Attorney
New Jersey Criminal Attorney

Direct Access To Your Criminal Lawyers

During your case, you will have direct access to your us. You will be provided with each of our cell phones. In this manner, you will be able to communicate with us directly. Whenever you call, text or email, you can expect an immediate response. When you’re facing criminal charges in New Jersey, you need an attorney who cares. The last thing you need to be worried about is getting in touch with your criminal attorney.

New Jersey Criminal Attorney Alan G. Peyrouton

Alan G. Peyrouton


Mr. Peyrouton is an aggressive trial attorney, published author, and passionate advocate of the United States Constitution. He attributes his success to his persistent, tenacious, and tireless work ethic.

Newark Criminal Lawyer Kevin M. Brown

Kevin M. Brown


Mr. Brown holds Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral degrees from two of the nation’s top Ivy League universities. His Alma Maters include the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania.

Our NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Here To Protect You

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Client Testimonials

I am so happy I found Alan and his team. From the start he was very caring and understanding of our situation. He helped us with everything, explained everything and was there through every step. He is a true blessing. We went from the impossible to my boyfriend coming out, with no trial and only time served. I recommend him to everyone because he really took a hard case and gave us the best outcome. He is so patient and was so dedicated to this case. He spent all his time working on this and gave us the best outcome, from facing 60yrs to only getting out on time served (11months). I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if it wasn’t for Alan. Thank you so much Alan. Forever grateful!
Khloud Ghazy
Khloud Ghazy
20:28 07 Feb 20
Hey, this is Travis. Hope all is well with you guys. I just wanted to reach out and truly thank you guys for everything you did for me and my family and also believing in me at a point when I barely believed in myself. I am off the "conditional probation", and everything is over with. We have our three little beautiful girls (which The youngest just turned one a few days ago), we both have amazing jobs where we are very blessed to be making what we are making for our family, and we are in the process and about to go into contract with buying our first home (a BEAUTIFUL 400,000 dollar home).... Lizzy and myself just wanted to truly thank you guys for believing in me and doing everything you could so I can be in this amazing spot in life that my family is in. I owe a lot of this to you guys and I hope you know what you do does not go unappreciated and you guys are making a huge impact and you guys are a huge help on certain people's lives. This above was a text message that I just sent to Alan and Kevin. For anyone who is looking for AMAZING people to represent you, that will literally do anything and everything they can for you to receive the best outcome, then these are the people you want, I PROMISE you that. They literally made miracles happen on my multiple cases. Alan from day one made me promise him that I would do everything I could to better my life. I did that and in return I received the most amazing lawyers who went above and beyond for me and my family. I couldn’t of created a better pair of lawyers to represent me. If anyone is looking for great results on your case please give Alan and Kevin a shot and I promise you (because I owe a lot of my success right now to these men) that you will not be disappointed and they will do everything they can for you.
traviscp longendyke
traviscp longendyke
15:41 04 Feb 20
Alan and Kevin helped me avoid prison on huge drug charges. Then, they beat my DUI case. They’re the perfect combination of aggressive and humble lawyers. Fees are very reasonable and they really cared about me. I totally recommend. My lawyers for life.
Jose Nose
Jose Nose
22:17 03 Feb 20
Geraldino Fils
Geraldino Fils
00:32 01 Feb 20
MY LAWYERS FOR LIFE!!!!!Alan and Kevin are the Best!!!!!!Most genuine lawyers I’ve ever met...they were very detailed and kept me informed about the process every step of the way... These guys have a genuine passion for law and will work endlessly to ensure a favorable outcome... they treat you like family which is what everyone needs when faced with a situation...
Omar Newell
Omar Newell
18:07 23 Jan 20

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