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Attorney Alan G. Peyrouton

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Brief Bio -

Attorney Alan G. Peyrouton is from Ridgewood, NJ.

After graduating from Ridgewood High School, Mr. Peyrouton accepted an athletic scholarship to attend

Saint Peter’s University where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business.

Upon graduation, he competed on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Circuit.

Soon after retiring from tennis, he pursued his passion for law at Michigan State University (Go Spartans!).

After earning his Juris Doctorate in 2002 from MSU, Mr. Peyrouton had the honor of

serving as law clerk for the Honorable Lawrence Glazer (30th Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan).

In 2003, Mr. Peyrouton relocated to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., where he worked for the

United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Housing and Civil Enforcement.

The Housing and Civil Enforcement Section works to protect some of the most fundamental rights of individuals.

In 2009, Mr. Peyrouton returned to his native New Jersey and opened a private practice devoted to Criminal Defense.

He quickly became a Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer in New Jersey.


Mr. Peyrouton has representing clients before the following courts:

United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit;

New Jersey Supreme Court;

New Jersey Superior Court; and

New Jersey Municipal Court.


He has represented countless clients in virtually every type of matter ranging from Simple Assault to Attempted Murder.

His experience extends to both bench and jury trials.


Mr. Peyrouton has been a proud member of the following organizations:

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL);

Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey;

Bergen County Bar Association;

The National Trial Lawyers Association; and the

Hudson County Bar Association.


Mr. Peyrouton is also an Author

His legal articles have been published in The New Jersey Law Journal

Some Of His More Popular Articles Are Found Below

The Power of State v Johnson, Volume 210 – No. 5, 2012 New Jersey Law Journal

The High Cost of Getting Out of Jail Free June 4, 2015, New Jersey Law Journal

Black Robe Disease Volume 216 – No. 8, 2014 New Jersey Law Journal

That Overlooked Footnote May Be a Masterpiece August 12, 2015, New Jersey Law Journal

Gubernatorial Appointments for Municipal Judges VOL. 201- No. 10, 2014 New Jersey Law Journal

Privacy Plea (se) March 26, 2015, New Jersey Law Journal

Gun, Badge and Q-Tip: The New Tools of N.J. Law Enforcement Volume 214 – No. 12, 2013 New Jersey Law Journal

Employment and Immigration Law What Time Is It? Volume 212 – No. 16, 2013 New Jersey Law Journal

Immigration ‘Depordinance’: Facing Deportation on an Ordinance Volume 213 – No. 3, 2013 New Jersey Law Journal

Ladies and Gentlemen of the [DUI] Jury December 2, 2015, New Jersey Law Journal

“May I Be Heard?” – March 4, 2016, New Jersey Law Journal

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Thank you Dr Peyrouton for your professional advice on my closing issue and for helping me with my litigation case. I am super grateful for a speedy successful outcome on this process.
Erico Pilates
Erico Pilates
03:18 16 Jan 20
Alan and his team have worked magic on cases and are the easiest to work with of the attorney's I know. I am impressed by how they get things done and their success with cases large and small. Always the first call I make when either I or my clients need counsel.
05:03 01 Jan 20
I was arrested for a 3rd-degree felony case. I spent 5 hours searching for a good NJ criminal defense lawyer online. Every lawyer I called was in a rush and demanded a lot of money. I didn't like how many of these lawyers talked to me either.When I discovered Peyrouton Law, I checked their reviews. Every review was perfect and I was skeptical. Nobody can be so perfect.I talked to Alan on the phone and made a free appointment to come in and see him.Alan and Kevin explained everything to me very clearly. They answered all of my questions patiently. I never felt rushed.Because of my special circumstances, they took my case for an extremely reasonable flat fee. Honestly, they treated me like a brother.Within a few weeks, they were able to get my felony case downgraded to a misdemeanor.Long story short, I ended up paying a small fine for a municipal ordinance.As a client, I only had to go to court only three times.Even though my case is over, I will continue to keep in contact with Alan and Kevin.I consider them excellent people and they've become trusted friends.If any of my friends or family members ever need a lawyer, I will just grab them by the hand and take them to see Alan and Kevin.You know, when I got arrested, I was humiliated, lost my vacation time, and lost a lot of sleep but the best part of this whole thing is that I made two great friends for life...
19:59 19 Dec 19
Alan and Kevin were the first attorneys I've ever needed for any criminal matter in my life. I was speaking with other potential attorneys for my hire and they were all very nasty and and in a hurry. upon hiring Allen he appointed Kevin Brown to my case. Kevin always listened to everything I had to say, took every detail into account and given that I work for a government agency he saved my career from going into the gutter. I had a felony dropped down to a disorderly persons offense and drop down finally to a municipal ordinance charge which leaves me with no criminal record. I could not thank either of you enough and I don't think that the retainer fee was even enough. Alan and Kevin both saved me and I am forever grateful. if you want good results and honest advice with a touch of hospitality and great customer service hire them now, get their business card and keep it in your wallet just in case. Five stars well-deserved.
Brian Galbraith
Brian Galbraith
23:43 12 Dec 19
Words cannot describe how great full I am to Peyrouton Law group. Allan has helped my family out with sympathy and great care. He was real and upfront with us through tough times and still we found reassurance and we feel confident that Allan and his team are looking out for our best interest. I don’t ever wish for anyone to be in a tough spot but if anyone ever gets into trouble Peyrouton Law is the one place I recommend, They have been fair and honest and really I can’t thank them enough.
Iss Paredes
Iss Paredes
23:28 12 Dec 19

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