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New Jersey Expungement Lawyers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Our Approach

Our New Jersey Expungement lawyers are here to help you get a second chance. You will benefit from our extensive expungement experience.
Most importantly, we will be honest about your chances of winning your case. We never guarantee results. However, we absolutely guarantee that we will aggressively fight for you!

Getting your record clean is important to you & we understand that. Your future is on the line. Each case is different and we welcome the opportunity to represent you.

When you hire us, you will get complete access to us. We respond to all communications & really care about our clients.
Our fees are reasonable and we offer payment plans. 


Times Have Changed

The internet has changed society in many, many ways.
When it comes to people’s privacy, the world will never be the same. Nowadays we not only have to worry about smartphones videotaping and recording all of our actions and conversations, but we also have to worry about what other people may post about us.
In the past, people’s private lives, including their arrests and criminal convictions were only for a person’s family and loved ones to know about.
Today, many companies profit from selling a person’s private information.
We all make mistakes and getting arrested or charged with a crime can happen to anyone.
The difference is that now, with the available technology, all potential employers, educational institutions, and even “friends” can dig up dirt on your past.

What is An Expungement?

An expungement is the legal way to clean your criminal record.
A petition is simply a request to a judge. In the petition, we are asking the judge to erase the record of your arrest and/or conviction.
As criminal lawyers, we understand that people make mistakes. But we also know that people learn from their mistakes. Getting an expungement is the best way of saying, “I’m not the same person who made a mistake all those years ago”.
 When you get your records expunged, it’s like your mistakes never happened.
After you expunge your records, New Jersey law allows you to declare that you were never arrested or convicted.
 The whole point of getting an expungement is to get “cleared” on background checks.
When employers run a background check on you, nothing will come.
If you had a brush with the law in the past, it’s gone.
In fact, it’s like it never happened.

When should you hire an Expungement Lawyer?

You should hire an expungement lawyer when you are eligible for an expungement.
This means that you have to wait until a certain amount of time has passed after your conviction.
For example, you have to wait 5 years for misdemeanors and 10 years for felonies before you can seek an expungement.
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Petition Paperwork

Any inaccuracies in your paperwork will cause a delay in getting your records erased.
If you didn’t keep your records during your criminal matter, you must go back to each court.
You can explain to the court personnel that you’re getting an expungement.
They will know that you are requesting a “certified disposition”.
The fees are between five and ten dollars.
Once you gather all your information, forward it to your lawyer.
As expungement lawyers, we don’t bother our clients with this step.
We get your paperwork for you.

Final Thoughts

When you made your mistake years ago, do you remember how you wished for the whole thing to be over?

Well, the expungement process is the final step in the whole process.

Take action and get your criminal record expunged.

You’ll feel better than ever.

If you would like to meet with us to discuss your case, we offer FREE consultations.