New Jersey Probation: Quick Tips To Get It Terminated

New Jersey Probation
Does NJ all for early termination of probation? Is it an expensive & lengthy process? What things will the Judge consider when terminating probation? You can find answers to these questions and more by reading this helpful article.

Does NJ Law Allow For Early Termination Of Probation?

Terminating Probation is possible, but it’s not easy.

Under NJ Law (N.J.S.A. 2C:45-2) a defendant may seek a court order terminating probation early. 

Our firm will contact your probation officer to confirm that you have complied with all conditions of probation. 

We go a step further and draft a memorandum listing all of the reasons why your probationary term should be terminated early. 

In our experience, clients have made extremely good use of their time and have finished college, earned vocational degrees, have become parents, and have risen in the ranks of their industry.

For example, many clients have gone from entry-level employees all the way up to general managers. 

We incorporate these achievements in our correspondence to our client’s probation officers.

Our focus is to show how much you’ve changed (in a good way) since the day you were sentenced.

It is not enough to show that you stayed out of trouble. 

We tell your story in the light most favorable to you and society.

Is Terminating Probation In NJ Expensive?

Depends on who you hire to represent you.

We charge extremely reasonable rates.

In fact we only charge a flat fee regardless of how long the process takes.

Is Terminating Probation A Lengthy Process?

The process is not lengthy, nor complicated, as long as the client cooperates.

After contacting your probation officer to get their blessing, the process involves six steps.

First, we obtain all of your sentencing and probationary documents. 

Second, we meet with you and interview you.

Third, we draft our motion and show it to you for your approval.

Fourth, we file our motion with the appropriate court.

Fifth, we wait to see if there is an objection from the county prosecutor’s office.

Sixth, we file and prepare for our hearing before a Superior Court judge.

What Things Will The Judge Consider when terminating probation?

Presentation is everything!

Our law firm will put “your” best foot forward. 

We will have done the groundwork beforehand so that we are super prepared on the day of court. 

We will do everything we can to get your probation officer on our side. 

We will show that you’ve paid all of your fines and show that you have been extremely productive during your term of probation.

Our duty is to show the court that granting your early termination from probation is in everyone’s best interest

Will The Judge Grant My Motion For Early Termination From Probation?

As we all know, there are no guarantees in life. 

But, you will never know unless you ask.

Probation is a difficult to live with. All of our clients very much look forward to their release date. 

We can help you terminate probation early. 

Instead of waiting another 20 months to fulfill your reporting requirements, you can close this chapter and get on with your life.

Court’s look at how long a defendant has been on probation, number of violations (if any), public policy reasons, and compliance with the payment of fines/penalties.

We’ve achieved excellent results for clients who never believed they stood a chance. 

Being On Probation Is Like Being tied to the ol' ball & chain

You most likely plead guilty to something.

In addition to any fines, penalties, community service, and incarceration, you’ve probably been sentenced to probation.

You have turned your life around and perhaps want to travel or relocate.

Maybe you’d like to pursue a career abroad but cannot leave the state due to your probation & reporting requirements.

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