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New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys working to protect your Rights and your Reputation

If you are charged with a crime come meet with us.
We know the law and we know how to fight.
Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys will protect you.
Whether you are under investigation or whether you’ve been
arrested and charged with a crime, we will defend you to the max.

Our NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Here To Protect You

3 Reasons To Choose Us


We Offer Flat Fees

You will not pay us on an hourly basis. It makes no sense to pay your criminal defense attorney every time you have a question.

You only pay one fee for your entire case. Whether we spend 20 hours on your case, or 100 hours on your case, you only pay one fee.

Trial fees are also flat fees.


Our Experience

When you’re searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is important to choose a law firm that is dedicated to criminal defense. 

We are New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys and proud of it!.

At our firm, our criminal defense attorneys will fight for you as if you were a family member.


When you hire us,
you get us

As your lawyers, you will always be able to get in touch with us.  Communication is everything. For this reason, when you hire us, you get us!

You can reach us by calling us at the office, on our cellphones, or emailing us. We will always respond. You will not have to chase us.  

Every time you reach out to us, we will respond promptly.

We Defend People For A Living

Criminal Defense Attorneys committed to fighting

As New Jersey criminal defense attorneys, your case is important to us.
No one ever expects to get arrested.
This may be one of your most challenging moments.
When you’re facing criminal charges, your world can come crashing down.
It is our job to defend and protect you during this most difficult time.
You could go to prison and end up with a criminal conviction.
Your choice of New Jersey Criminal defense attorney could mean all the difference.
Take advantage of our free consultations and meet with us.
We want to hear your side of the story and answer your questions.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way