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3rd-degree Aggravated Assault charges carry up to five years in prison. If you are convicted of committing aggravated assault, you are facing serious prison time. The amount of prison time you serve depends on many factors. However, courts will first look at the victim's injuries to assess punishment.


aggravated assault & Protected Classes

Aggravated assault is a very difficult crime to explain. For example, if you commit a Simple Assault on a member of a “protected class” you will automatically be charged with 2nd or 3rd-degree Aggravated Assault. This means that if you slap a cop, you will face felony charges regardless of the injury to the cop.

To help you understand the concept of “protected classes”, we included this short video.

Difference Between Simple & Aggravated Assault

We’ve devoted an entire article to this subject.

The difference between Simple & Aggravated Assault means the difference between your liberty and many years in prison.

In this article, we discuss legal defenses and strategies to help you better understand your options.

Aggravated Assault w/a Deadly Weapon

The mere “showing” of a deadly weapon during a confrontation quickly becomes an aggravated assault. It does NOT matter that the weapon was not used. Whenever you threaten another person with a deadly weapon such as a gun, the seriousness of the crime quickly escalates. The person in fear of your gun may suffer a heart attack or even death. For this reason, aggravated assault w/a deadly weapon is treated as a high-level felony.

A common misunderstanding is that you can only be charged with aggravated assault if you used a gun or a knife to threaten another person. But this is not true. 

A deadly weapon could be virtually anything. For example, you could face aggravated assault charges for threatening someone with a baseball bat, crowbar, toy gun, scissors, and so on. Courts look at the victim’s fear of harm very closely and if that fear is real, then you’re facing serious prison time.

Can 3rd-Degree aggravated assault charges be dismissed or downgraded?

In theory, every type of criminal charge can be dismissed.

To learn more about how you can get your criminal charges dismissed, please read:
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Penalties For Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault in New Jersey is either a second, third, or fourth-degree crime.

Second Degree Crime: 5-10 Years in Prison & Up to $150,000 Fine;

Third Degree Crime: 3-5 Years in Prison & Up to $15,000 Fine;

Fourth Degree Crime: Up to 18 Months in Prison & Up to $10,000 Fine

Legal Defenses

  • Mistake of Fact – Example: You slapped an off-duty cop and had no idea that you were slapping a member of a “protected class”
  • Self-Defense – Example: You were genuinely in fear of your life. You felt threatened and injured someone because it was the only option you had.
  • Defense of Others – Example: An intruder breaks into your home and you reasonably believe that he/she will harm your family members.

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