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New Jersey Drug crimes are broken down into many categories. You can be charged with a single drug crime or you can be charged with many. The only drug crimes that are considered Disorderly Persons Offenses (misdemeanors) are Simple Possession and Paraphernalia Possession. The rest of the crimes you find on this page are Indictable (felony) offenses. You will learn all about penalties and legal defenses.

Drug Possession Charges

Simple Marijuana Possession is the most common drug charge in New Jersey. Simply having marijuana on your person, home or car is a criminal offense.

If you are charged with having less than 50 grams of marijuana you will face a $1,000- fine and up to six months in jail. You will also face “paraphernalia” charges.

Drug Possession charges in excess of 50 grams are Felony offenses. Depending on the AMOUNT of drugs in your possession, you will face anywhere from 18 months to over ten years in prison.

Drug Distribution Charges

Drug distribution charges have everything to do with “intent”. If you have been found to be in possession of a large amount of drugs, you will be facing felony drug charges.

The State will try to prove intent by showing that you had baggies, scales, and other “distribution” tools at the time of your arrest.

If your cellphone was taken during your arrest, the State may try to use your text messages to show that you are a dealer.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking charges are felony crimes. You do not necessarily need to be “in possession” of drugs to be charged with this crime. If you are in any way involved in the transport or delivery of illegal drugs, you will be facing felony drug charges.

You will be facing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree felony charges.

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking charges, you need to retain an attorney immediately.

Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy charges involve two or more people. This means that you have charged with being part of a “team” that distributes drugs. Again, these are felony charges that carry serious consequences. 

Simply being associated with a drug operation could drag you into grave legal consequences.

Drug Court

Drug is a special program in New Jersey. It is not offered for all drug charges. More importantly, drug court is centered on your “rehabilitation”. If you committed a felony offense because you suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, you may qualify for drug court. 

Admission into drug court is not easy. You have to qualify “legally” and “clinically”. Here’s a video to help you⇒

Legal Defenses

Drug charges in New Jersey can be won. In order to win a drug case, you need to hire an experienced team of aggressive drug lawyers. We know the law and we know how to fight.

The best way to fight drug charges in New Jersey is by challenging the evidence. As criminal defense attorneys, we protect your Constitutional rights. If the drug evidence in your case was acquired illegally, we will fight to get your case dismissed.

One of the many methods we use to win your case is by filing a “Motion to Suppress” evidence. Very simply, this means that the police officer or detective made a mistake in the way he searched your person, home or vehicle. Once the judge agrees with us, the State cannot prove their case and you win.

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